Motivational Speaker

Hennie van der Westhuizen is a Motivational Speaker, Teambuilding Coordinator, Life Coach, Marriage-and-Relationship Coach, Presenter of Emotional Intelligence workshops, father of two boys and married to Petra. He is originally from Namibia and is currently residing in Bloemfontein, South Africa. He also works across the globe, to the liking of Australia, Namibia and the United Kingdom.

Hennie is a renowned ground-breaking pioneer and visionary. He believes in empowering individuals with good moral standards and virtues, to make better informed life choices and enjoying a balanced and successful life.

His motivational topics include:

  • The Seven Disciplines [A Productive Generation]
  • Potential Released
  • Leadership in the Marketplace
  • Leadership Development
  • Relational Dynamics 101
  • Keeping The Vision Alive
  • Compliance to a Principle-Lifestyle
  • Emotional Intelligence [Marketplace & Personally]

Tariffs to Hennie’s services are subject to consultation.